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Gumboot Friday

Free counselling for kiwi kids and young people

Gumboot Friday

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One of the biggest issues facing young New Zealanders today is the waiting times for funded face to face counselling.

The Gumboot Friday counselling funding service is designed to take the pressure off current services and give young people facing long wait times an alternative pathway.

Gumboot Friday is not a long-term solution designed to take over from government services, rather, they should be seen as a bridge between current services and immediate need. Everyone is encouraged to seek government funded help while utilising our service.

Free counselling through the Gumboot Friday fund is available for anyone 24 or younger.


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If you'd like to donate to the Gumboot Fund, you can do this by logging in to your online banking and either add us as a payee (you'll find us in the “company” list by searching for “Gumboot Friday Appeal” or “I Am Hope”), or direct deposit your donation into Kiwibank Gumboot Friday Appeal account number 38 9020 0336055 01

You can also donate online via the Gumboot Friday Give a Little page.

100% of the funds raised go directly to paying for counselling services, and are not used for admin or other purposes.