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Our People

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Mike King

Mike King has for years been known as the Kiwi entertainer but that role has changed dramatically over the last 4 years ever since the conception of his radio show The Nutters Club back in 2009. The show evolved from Mike’s own experience of mental illness and addiction and has become a huge success with it now airing weekly on Newstalk ZB on a Sunday evening and currently filming the 4th series for Maori Television. With a Facebook fan base of over 17,000 people the aim is to ‘forever change the way people feel, think, talk and behave in relation to mental health.’

These days Mike is better known for his work as a prominent mental health educator with the work he does under his charity The Key to Life Charitable Trust, which aims to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting positive social change.

Mike takes a completely unorthodox approach and is getting out into schools to talk with the youth and talk with the communities, engaging them so that the conversation will continue and not be swept under the carpet any longer. Although suicide prevention is the big picture Mike doesn’t actively discuss it but concentrates on delivering a hopeful message and connecting people, services and resources within the community.

He must be doing something right because the Key to Life continues to receive requests weekly for mike to visit schools and towns throughout New Zealand. He has tremendous support for his work from the likes of Sir John Kirwan, the former Minister of Health Peter Dunne, professional backing from Dr David Codyre (MBChB, FRANZCP) a highly respected psychiatrist for 28 years working in the community mental health sector, Health and Disability Commissioner Lynne Lane and most notably Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean who is at the coalface of the suicide epidemic that NZ faces.

Mike is passionate about his cause and gives his time daily to it. Whether it be mentoring young men and women on a one to one basis or visiting schools Mike is always delivering his message of hope in some way or another.

David Steele

David Steele’s favourite motto is an accurate summary of how he lives his life. A self confessed multi tasker, David is a qualified chartered accountant; a director of DPA, his Taupo based chartered accounting firm. He is a facilitator, negotiator and business mentor; a sports and entertainment manager (day or night; rain, hail or shine); a fairly decent golf and tennis player, a father of three, and a husband of Libby. He also has an absolute passion for sport of almost any sort, and unwavering drive for high performance in all aspects of his life.

David has facilitated and negotiated for a number of businesses and organisations including the Welsh Rugby Union, Lake Taupo Sports Advisory Council, Lake Taupo Development Company and the Hillary Commission. David’s drive, enthusiasm and energy stems from mentoring and coaching a wide range of businesses and professional people including Steve Hansen, Graham Henry, Mike King, Oscar Kightley and the bro’Town boys. David lives to work and takes great pride and pleasure in guiding individuals, businesses and accounting firms through the stresses and strains of life.

David excels in working with dysfunctional businesses and has intimate knowledge of consolidation issues within the accounting industry, bringing a mix of skills to the table. He has 25 years experience as a chartered accountant – working with established businesses; advising and assisting new businesses; mentoring clients through change and growth periods; facilitating, negotiating and liaising as required, and his abilities in sports and entertainment management are highly respected and sought after. In November 2010 David received a fellowship bestowed upon him by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants for outstanding service to the community.

David makes things happen by a good mix of leadership and interpersonal skills; an ability to pinpoint key issues and focus on what matters; excellent management and follow through, and some truly awesome contacts. In short he can make things happen….and always (well almost always) with a smile on his face.

Boris Sokratov

Boris is a Bulgarian Maori, proud Aucklander and passionate Kiwi with a background in commercial business and community that spans a wide range of sectors. A successful 35 year business career has enabled him to develop an enviable network of influential contacts.

His work/life experience is broad and varied: he’s been a cleaner, lawnmower assembler, labourer, painter, drain layer, contract fencer, tour guide, company director, print broker and advertising agency owner.

Boris is a superb parallel parker, not so good chess player and can touch-type slowly. His greatest achievements in no particular order are; his wife, their 14-year-old son and escaping poverty.

He knows a tad about overcoming adversity, learning from failure, and what you need to do if you want to successfully build sustainable caring communities and multi-million dollar businesses.

It’s the kind of stuff you can’t learn from a book or anywhere other than, “The University of Life”.

David Codyre

Dr David Codyre, MBChB (1980), FRANZCP (1989)
Consultant Psychiatrist/Clinical lead Mental Health, East Tamaki Healthcare
PO Box 61 150 Otara
Auckland, NZ

David is a psychiatrist with 28 years experience working in the community mental health sector in New Zealand, in a range of clinical and leadership roles. He has spent the past 10 years leading development of primary mental health programmes, and advocating at a regional and national level for strengthening of primary mental health capacity, along with better support for primary care from secondary mental health services. David currently works with East Tamaki Healthcare, a network of clinics providing team-based primary care services to populations in high-needs areas of Auckland, NZ.

David has also been a longstanding advocate for improvement in mental health services, and for development of peer support services for people with mental health services. He has for the past 4 years co-hosted the mental health promotion radio show “The Nutters Club”, with well-known NZ comedian Mike King.

Jo King

I’m generally referred to as the 'Admin chick' here at The Key to Life.

This pretty much means that I follow Mike around the country as he does his work, taking photos, taking notes, sending emails and updating Facebook with events as we go as well as doing any posting, printing, and cup of tea making that is required to help things run smoothly.

I love what The Key to Life stands for, it’s ambition to rid NZ of suicide and help empower our youth. As Mike’s partner it is invaluable that I am able to share his journey and support him in any way I can and, as a mum of two growing girls (and one on the way), the future of our young people is always at the forefront of my mind.

To be a part of this group of likeminded passionate people is a blessing and I hope it will serve to inspire our own children as they move through life.

Ezekiel (Zeek) Raui

Ko Matai te maunga tapu
Ko Hokianga te moana nui
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua raua ko mamari oku waka
Ko Ruanui raua ko Nukutawhiti oku rangatira
Ko Motukaraka te marae
Ko Ngahuia te whare tupuna
Ko Ngai Tupoto te hapu
Ko Te Rarawa ki Hokianga te iwi
Ko Ezekiel Tamaana Raui toku ingoa

Kia ora my name is Ezekiel,

I am currently attending Taipa Area School.

I am of Cook island descent on my fathers side and Maori descent on my mothers.

A few of my hobbies include Kapa haka, Singing, Waka ama, Manu korero, and anything that includes getting involved in my community and helping out where I can.

I’m part of the KTL team because I’m really over seeing my friends come to school one week and hear that they are no longer on this earth the next.

Suicide has become a major problem in my community and it’s about time we as a youth stand up to the challenge’s that are set before us and change things up before it get’s the better of us all.

“Nou te raurau naku te raurau ka ora ae te iwi”
With my food basket and your food basket the iwi shall live,

“Tu ki te wero, Tu kotahi”
Stand to the challenge, stand together.

Tu kotahi tihei mauriora,
Naku noa,

Ezekiel Raui

Brian Holland

Waikato born Aucklander Brian had his first job after school (if you don’t count the tomato picking one he lost due to his colour blindness) in the public service granting National Superannuation for the then named Department of Social Welfare (now WINZ). While he enjoyed the ‘helping people’ aspect of the job the allure of the movie business took him away.

Starting off as a ticket tearer at the door of a Mission Bay theatre Brian quickly progressed to management before getting poached by Warner Bros to run marketing and promotions for movies released in New Zealand cinemas. The ‘Movie Guy’ as he became known was then shoulder tapped by TVNZ to work in programming for TV2, a job he held for 13 years.

Brian is now working at Top Shelf Productions where he has developed a number of TV series including; Media7, Cool Kids Cooking, The Kitchen Job and most proudly, The Nutters Club which he also now produces.

Brian lives in Grey Lynn with his partner Ryan, two cats and several rescued lizards the cats brought in which are now housed in a plush fish tank.

Be it pensioners, movie patrons, TV viewers, nutters or lizards, Brian’s always here to help.

Jade Robson

Jade is probably the hardest working person at The Key to Life Charitable Trust given everyone is always asking for her help and her boss David Steele is the worlds greatest delegator of work! Jade has been David Steele’s Executive Assistant at for the last 3 years and we are blessed to have her helping us, to help others.

Tai Tupou

Tai Tupou recently appeared as a guest with Mike on The Nutters Club telling his story of disconnect with his family and his journey forward.

He now travels around the country visiting schools with Mike and shares his story with the kids. His passion for our cause is immense and the students really enjoy talking with him and the combo of his story alongside of Mike’s is proving to be a great combo.

Along with dedicating his free time to Key to Life Tai runs his own business Ripped Training which is a bootcamp style training empowering people to feel good through exercise and diet.

His is an inspiration to us all and we are blessed to have him as an integral part of our team.

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