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Whether you want to improve your own mental health, or support someone else, you?ll find a wide range of tools, contacts and resources to help you NOW.

Other ways to contribute

Direct Deposit

If you use internet banking, this is a super easy way to donate.
Bank account number: 02-0428-0086124-000 Bank BNZ

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a simple and easy way for you and your employer to make a real difference in children protection directly from your pay. The scheme is administered through the PAYE tax system, so people whose employers introduce a payroll giving scheme will receive the tax benefits of their donations each payday, without having to present donation receipts or wait to claim at the end of a tax year.

Payroll giving is an easy way to make regular donations and it’s a great way to show your support for mental health awareness. Ask your employer if they provide payroll giving and get set up to commence your donations. Also ask them to nominate the key to life charitable trust as one of the charities they support and suggest they may wish to match your own donation!

Information for your employer

Legal name: The Key to Life Charitable Trust
Charity registration number: CC44260
Bank account number: 02-0428-0086124-000 Bank BNZ
GST number: 104-628-540
Postal Address: PO Box 926 Taupo 3351
Contact: Jade Robson

If you need more information about payroll giving, please visit the IRD website ask your employer or email us.

Leave a Legacy

Your generosity will help the key to life charitable trust continue it’s work into New Zealand’s future.

There are four ways you can include the key to life charitable trust in your will:

1. Specific Sum

This is a common form of bequest, where a specific amount is written in to your will. We recommend that you review your will regularly in light of inflation and changes to the value of your estate if you choose to nominate a specific sum to bequest.

2. Percentage of your estate

You can nominate a percentage of your estate to be gifted. By nominating a percentage of your estate, your donation keeps pace with inflation and your estate value.

3. Residue of your estate

This is the money or assets remaining from your estate after it has been divided amongst those you wish to remember. You can specify to gift the full sum, a nominated amount or a percentage of your residue estate.

4. Gift of assets or property

You can nominate to gift a property, home, shares or other assets, allowing them to be retained as a capital investment or to be sold to raise funds. If you choose to do this, we ask that you please contact us first to ensure that we are able to accept and utilise your gift in the way that you would hope.

Making a will is easy. To make or change a will, please contact your solicitor or the Public Trust Office who offer a free will service. And because your life circumstances will change, we encourage you to review your will regularly.

We also invite you to advise us, in confidence, that you have left the key to life charitable trust a bequest in your will so we have the opportunity to thank you in life.

Tax Credits

You can contribute a portion or all of your annual tax return to the key to life charitable trust.

Help us by donating

As we are not government funded, we rely on you to help us bring our services to those who need it.

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