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KTL Ambassador Program

The Key to Life Charitable Trust is developing a strength based, youth led peer support and mentoring program aimed at empowering our nations young people. This program encourages them to take ownership of their attitudes and perceptions toward mental health and well-being by building quality relationships through informed youth participation. While the youth of New Zealand will drive this project, the Key to Life works in conjunction with local business, health and service providers, iwi, whanau and hapu to provide a comprehensive back up service to ensure the integrity of both this program and its participants.

The KTL Ambassador Program is based on the Principles of Youth Development which is an integral piece of the Ministry of Youth Development. This strategy encourages our young people to be vibrant and optimistic, receiving the support and encouragement necessary to take on new challenges and confront issues which exist within their communities.

Through the establishment of relationships with their peers, external agencies and the wider community, our young people will be provided with the opportunities to establish positive connections within their key social environments while being supported as they access a wide range of development opportunities targeted toward youth.

The Key to Life aims to enable youth to gain:

The Key to Life Charitable Trust strongly believes that youth development should be a strength-based approach with the focus on youth participation. This program will be undertaken according to the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi, The Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa and also takes seriously New Zealand’s commitments under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The KTL Ambassador Program is open to all who wish to participate and encourages the involvement of all young people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religious affiliation or disability. With this program, youth are part of an open-minded, tolerant and welcoming environment in which they are the leaders.

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