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What is Recovery?

Recovery is what we call wellness for people who have experienced mental disorder or unwellness. Mental disorder diagnoses are labels for clusters of responses that together work to keep us stuck in distressing or unhelpful experiences. There are heaps of ways to change these experiences.

Recovery is the journey to find those ways. Just as mental disorder involves our environments, behaviour, thoughts, bodies and emotions, recovery involves all of these things too. Recovery isn’t a fixed state of being because mental health isn’t a fixed state of being; mental health is a series of practices that allow us to cope well with life. There isn’t just one answer for everyone, because we are all different.

Recovery isn’t about going back to a previous state of wellbeing, rather, it is about moving forward. This is an ongoing journey to recover hidden treasure (skills, resources and insights) from the ocean of life. Sometimes the treasure was hidden within us all along and sometimes we need to search out new treasures in unexplored territories.

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