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What is Mental Illness?

A Complex Response to the World

Mental-health problems are labels for complex responses to the world that keep us stuck in distressing or unhelpful experiences. Mental illness is the popular term used to talk about mental-health problems. Mental- health problems are just as serious as physical illnesses but they are not as easy to understand.

Mental-health problems are ‘bio-psycho-social’ conditions. This means they involve our bodies, minds and situations. They are not permanent states that require lifelong treatment. We can move between wellness and unwellness several times a day as our situations, behaviours, physical states and ways of thinking shift and change.

Often part of the problem is that we are doing the same things too often, and it gets us caught in one kind of experience. This can happen to anyone. Human beings are complex and holistic entities; our wellness is affected by all of the physical, mental and social aspects of living in and responding to the world. And the world is not easy.

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